Friday, October 26, 2007

Listening Ears And An Obedient Heart

Here's a conversation that just happened here. I think someone is getting too big for her britches.

Me: Laura, go finish your chicken.
Laura: Just a minute, Mom! Just a minute.
Me: No. It is time to go now. Please go finish your chicken.
Laura, with a rather snotty attitude: NO! I said just a minute.
Me, walking towards her: Laura, you need to have listening ears and an obedient heart. I asked you to go finish your chicken. Go now.
Laura: No. I not going now.
Me: One. You need to go eat your chicken. Two. When I get to three I'm going to whomp your bucket.
Laura, sighing and rolling her eyes: Okay, okay, okay. Man, Mom. I'm going. I'm going.

I calmly rerouted her to time out. When she was done, this conversation took place.

Me: Laura, when you don't listen you are being disobedient. You need to learn to listen even if it isn't what you want to do right then.
Laura: I know, I know. Lissening ears and an dobedi heart. I do it, Mom. I sorry. Fordive me?

And then we hugged while I told her I loved her. Now I'm going to go upstairs to take a shower to wash the ketchup out of my hair. Being a Mom sure has variety. Somehow I think I'll take mine without ketchup!

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