Monday, October 01, 2007

New "Night-Night" Shoes

I could easily have titled this "How John Mitchell assisted Dr. Ponseti in saving Laura's feet". He certainly has done so much for so many and I'm glad that included Laura. The UPS man delivered her new "night-night" shoes from MDOrthopaedics today. We tried them on and she didn't fuss. In fact, she said "They don't hurt!" so I guess that means we'll do okay. :)

She's about to go down for a nap but had to take her new shoes for a spin first. Here she is playing and jumping with Jonathan, pretending to do skateboarding tricks, and then standing for the first time alone in them. She wasn't strong enough or confident enough to do that before so it is nice to see her get such joy out of it now.

Thanks, John. We appreciate you and your shoes more than you'll ever know!

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