Friday, November 09, 2007

The Second Drive By

We drove in to St. Louis for our second visit to Dr. Dobbs and, of course to see our family. Nana had hot soup bubbling on the stove for us, and Carol and Charles came over for a quick visit, too. As usual Laura took over the place, gimpying around, and in general making herself at home. She even kept Carol busy 'reading' to her as they looked through a catalog. It was good to see them and it was nice to relax at Nana's instead of a hotel.

Our visit with Dr. Dobbs was relatively uneventful. They cut off her first cast and then applied one to each foot so she has two hot pink legs for the next two weeks. She handled herself pretty well but really didn't like the cast saw. However, it goes quickly and she just sat there wiggling her toes for awhile after her foot was free.

As I've stated before, Dr. Dobbs and his staff are wonderful. Very kind, thorough and they really do make you feel like you are the most important patient at that moment. But what happened shortly after her cast was cut off just amazed me more than anything so far. The nurse who cut off her cast cleaned up the table where Laura was sitting and then disappeared with all of the cast parts they'd cut off. I thought that would be it for awhile as we waited for Dr. Dobbs. But I was mistaken. In a minute, the nurse reappeared, warm wash cloth in hand. She very sweetly washed Laura's leg down and made sure that there were no little cast pieces/shavings stuck anywhere they shouldn't be. I just sat there crying. Every single time we've had casts changed using a cast saw - and believe me there have been a LOT of them - I always end up cleaning her up with wipes as I change her diaper to get rid of all of the little shavings and so on that are left. Never has a staff member helped, or even brought a warm washcloth. I realize this is something little, but again it just shows how much they care about the patient there.

We aren't sure what progress is being made so I hope this Monday gives us a bit more to go on. I'll be sure and update you when we get home. Meanwhile, here are some pictures of all of us as we enjoyed Nana's hospitality.

Laura and Carol 'shopping' in the catalog:

Jonathan's opinion of my taking pictures:

One of many of Matthew's attempts to avoid the camera. I'm thinking that this might be one of the last times he uses this maneuver. After all, this isn't his best side:

Nana, making oatmeal before she sends us off for the morning:

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