Monday, November 19, 2007

Daddy Is Definitely On Vacation...

Yes, Daddy is home on vacation. Not only do I look forward to these times, but the boys and Laura enjoy them thoroughly as well. Daddy hasn't had any vacation days since the summer when he had several weeks off that he spread out over the warmer days. We all got used to him being here and when he disappeared regularly to work again, we all went through withdrawal. But not this week. Oh no. Daddy will get his fill and then some of playing dollhouse, babies and even reading preschool books and playing Memory.

Laura is in her element. Just last week she was complaining that Daddy wasn't home and she wanted him to be here when she got up. I told her that her time was coming. It arrived this morning. Daddy got her up. Daddy fed her breakfast and Daddy is sitting next to her as she watches a cavalcade of Christmas PBS shows on video.

At one point there seemed to be a lull in the noise so I thought I'd go check and see how they were doing and share a bit of my recent Christmas online shopping purchases with Daddy. As I was standing there talking to him Laura interrupted. Nothing unusual in that. But what she said just cracked me up. As I paused to take a breath Laura stepped in to the conversation. She said "Mommy, go away. Daddy and I are playing!"

After cracking up I wondered if that would work for me. You know... those times when Daddy and Mommy are trying very hard to get in some privileges of married life but can't seem to manage it due to constant interruptions. Perhaps I can just say "Matthew/Jonathan, go away. Daddy and I are playing." Hmmmm... I guess not. But hey, it was worth a try at least once, right!?!? :)

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