Monday, November 26, 2007

Score Another One For The Potty Princess!!!

Well, number two actually. But I'm getting ahead of myself. :) After all, she scored the biggie this time. Yes, that's right. She did it. She perservered and it paid off. She stuck with it, waited patiently and she was rewarded with a few wonderful sounds of success. She went poopy on the potty!!! And it was a momentous occassion for several reasons.

In a magnificent gesture to assist his sister with her latest desire, and in an ongoing effort to get out of clearing the table from dinner, Jonathan did what any normal, helpful, big brother would do when faced with the persistent cries of his three year old sister pleading with someone, anyone to put her on the potty. He chose a numb bucket over dirty dishes. After all, what was more important, right? He valiantly helped her peel off her tights, stripped her of her skirt and helped her center the potty ring on just right. Then he braced himself and hefted her up there making sure everything was correctly aligned. In an effort to be sure she didn't catch a chill, he then went above and beyond. What, I'm not sure. But how many times have you walked in to the bathroom to find your hand towel, the one you use when your hands are clean, draped across the lap of someone sitting on the potty??? Yeah, it was first for me, too. I think I'll be changing the towels in there daily for awhile.

Anyway, he perservered right along with Laura, entertaining her through it all. He worked hard to keep her mind on her duty while making sure she didn't get too frustrated with the wait. I think he was about to break in to song, a true act of desperation on his part, when he heard the first fruits of his, well her, labors. By the time he heard the confirmation of another following, he was running out of the bathroom to spread the good news. I gave him a big hug and told him I was really proud of him. Not only had he managed to help Laura accomplish her first big job on the potty, he'd done it without numbing his butt checks in to oblivion, enabling him to share with the rest of the household her accomplishments in true Paul Revere style.

After making sure everything was cleaned up, Jonathan proceeded to produce what is known around here as 'potty currency' or more commonly referred to as M&M's. You get three when you use the potty and ten when you go poopy. I think he gave her more but hey, it was her first time. I can only hope that the trend continues. I figure that when you can time your diaper dumps to coincide with your need for attention at any given moment, it's time to be doing your business on the porcelain throne. KWIM?

Meanwhile, I'm very proud of them both. And I have a renewed feeling that someday, and perhaps someday even sooner than I ever imagined, I'll be able to stop picking up big purples boxes of diapers every time I enter Target. Someday... someday...

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