Friday, November 09, 2007

Creative Manuevering

Determination has been a key to Laura's life from the get go. She's never one to take 'no' lightly and will work hard to prove you wrong every chance she gets. I remember our local Ortho telling us after her first surgery that she wouldn't want to get up on her feet for several weeks. I laughed. He didn't see the humor. Two days later when he called to check on her, I reported that she was up and cruising furniture whenever she knew we weren't looking. He was speechless. I was once again amused at how little Dr's listen to us when we state what we know to be true. He gets it now. He plans for her determination when treating her. I'm not sure Dr. Dobbs is so knowledgeable yet. He'll get there soon enough.

Each time Laura has been in casts, she's eventually figured out the best way to get around. The past two weeks were no different. She began pulling herself up and getting around on the carpeted surfaces almost as soon as we got home. After a few face plants on the white tile, she figured she'd just depend on others to carry her or commando crawl over those. But she's a champ at finding something to walk behind or lean against.

Here she is leaning against the couch:

And here she is in the wheelchair the Lord provided just as my arms were about to give out. She's so proud. And needless to say she can maneuver it around pretty well backwards and is doing better going forward. All we need to work on now is her aim...

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