Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Casts Come Off!

Secretly, for the last or so of casting I had a private countdown going. Every time there was some difficulty dealing with a 3 year old in full double leg casts I'd do a quick tally and remind myself that there was only so many days, so many hours and so many minutes left until she'd be cast free again. I guess I'm selfish but I just wanted to give her a bath!!! And not so secretly, Laura said several times that she'd prefer to keep the casts on. I think she realized she got preferential treatment, including extra television hours, and she wasn't about to let go of that without voicing her preference. Last Monday, common sense and Mommy won out. Our wonderful PT, Miss Merri Jo, removed her casts so we didn't have to drive to St. Louis just for that. You'll note that Laura wasn't nearly as excited about the whole thing as I was. :)

Here she is getting started:

And here she is in the midst of the stress:

And finally! Done and back in tights!!!

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