Friday, November 21, 2008

The Princess and The Pirate

The annual trick or treat night is iffy here. Or at least it used to be. The boys would sometimes decide that they were just too old (Matthew really is!), or that this year they felt they shouldn't go out because of the spiritual 'feeling' of the season, or just because they didn't want to venture out in to the cold. But every year come Oct 31st, those young enough to go are always dressed and ready at the appointed time.

This year there was no consideration allowed. It was a given that we would go. Period. Princess Laura planned it for months. She knew what she wanted to be and she knew what she was going to wear. And for weeks she collected treasures as she came across them because she thought she'd want to wear them with her costume. Tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, magic wands, and even fairy wings were all considered at one time or another. But in the end the tiara was the only accessory she chose to include in her outfit.

Jonathan remained unsure of his trick or treat status until the final week. It was then that he learned he could hit the neighborhood with a new friend down the street. There was no question. He was going. But what could he wear? I led him downstairs to the costume boxes in storage. They hold many treasures - furry bunny suits, a fuzzy duck, mexican attire, ladybug jackets, baseball pants, and a pirate costume collected for Matthew's 5th birthday party and proudly worn by Poppy as he dared those attending to 'walk the plank'. I tried to encourage the baseball outfit as it would give him the best opportunity for warmth, but he chose the pirate costume. But being Jonathan, he couldn't just go as a normal pirate. He needed to cap it off with his own little touch.

I smiled as I sent off my two trick or treaters, Daddy in tow. They would spend almost the full two hours out, collecting candy we didn't need, laughing with friends, and touching base with neighbors as they traveled from house to house. Matthew and I stayed home, talked together, and passed out candy. We couldn't have asked for a better evening. And Laura is already planning for next year.

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