Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Horseplay 'R Us

Almost every day here there will be some kind of chase or a good game of hide and seek going on when school work should be taking precedent. But good parents (and teachers) pick their battles so the choice to take a break is often allowed to play itself out. Lately it is quite common to see the boys chase Laura around the house from the kitchen to the dining and living rooms, through the entry and on to the family room only to start the whole thing all over again, laughing all the way. Or for two of them to team up to find the other one who keeps moving in order to avoid dection. However, there has also been an addition to the 'family' of horseplay. Literally.

Here's Matthew and Laura on the trail of Jonathan. You'll note Laura is resting more than the other two. However, the boys did get some rest in as well even though Laura had to be in the middle of it all.

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