Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Dreaming Tonight...

Christmas 2007

It seems I've gone and done it again. Not in an 'oops' kind of way. More in a 'Wow!' kind of way. Like the time I realized that my genes were alive and well in my daughter when she was mesmerized by her first real view of clowns in action. All of the clowns I decided to keep have been safely packed away for years and I've never shared that part of my life with my children. But somehow Laura holds that same fascination. What a joy it was to watch her face as she saw her first real clowns performing on a Discovery program! I think the circus is in our future soon. Or the time that Matthew said something in the same tone of voice using the same mannerisms as my brother did when he was a teenager. I had to take a double take to be sure I wasn't back in time! Apparently some 'nature' lives on in all of our children no matter what the 'nurture'.

So that brings us to today's discovery. Jonathan, Laura and I were home cleaning, quick tidying, and actually dusting *gasp* when Jonathan says out of the blue "Mom, Let's have a lot of Christmas trees this year. And let's make them theme trees. You know, like a 'Game Tree' using our game pieces. And we could spread the boxes underneath like they are presents. Or a toy tree where we could hang all of our little toys on it. Know what I mean, Mom?" Uhhhh... YES! I know exactly what he means. I'd love to do a beach themed tree this year. Even if it is only a small one. Four feet or less. And I'd love to do a gingerbread themed tree in the kitchen, and a snowman themed tree on the steps with the snow family we usually put there. And several others. Yes, I know exactly what he means. He's got the bug! He loves Christmas, too. Not just because of the presents. But because our house is transformed from the normal to something wonderful. And the time spent enjoying it can't be traded for anything.

But what I didn't know, and couldn't figure out, is where the comment came from in the first place. Oh, I'll admit that I was playing Christmas music while we cleaned today. I love Christmas music and I know he does, too. But we weren't talking about Christmas in any way. And Jonathan knows that Daddy had to be talked in to the two trees we put up last year so they'd match in the bow windows on the front of the house. So more trees??? YES! I have a partner in Christmas planning!!! His wife will just love me, don't you think? :)

After some chatting about trees, we decided we'd start small this year and see what we could use that we already have or can get from freecycle/garage sales and thrifting. And of course we'll watch sales and so on. And we'll do more with the smaller trees we already have. And wreaths... we could do themed wreaths, too. I already have a small collection of things for them going downstairs. Oh I just can't wait to get started!

Ah, Christmas! As the song says "I'm dreaming tonight of a place even more than I usually do". And that place is sitting in front of the lit Christmas tree with the fire going, cuddled up with the family, listening to Christmas music, playing a down and dirty game of Pit or Pass The Pig. Yep, It would be a perfect evening! :)


debweizer said...

I thought I was the only one that loved Christmas music at any given time of year. It drives my husband crazy. But it's nice to listen to Christmas music and just enjoy it without all the stress of the holidays.

Java said...

HI Chris,
Thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving me with such great advice. I will certainly look into things.
I visited your blog today and was totally surprised at how similar our lifes are.
Raising teenagers as well as a toddler.
I enjoyed your blog and when I can would love to come back again.
Perth, Australia greetings. Java