Friday, November 21, 2008

Are Snow Shoes Really Necessary?

There is little that brings more joy to our kids than the first few snowfalls of the season. They have yet to experience the overwhelming burden of shoveling again and again, and it is still warm enough per se to spend more than just a few minutes outside. Over the past few weeks we've had flurries, minor snow falls and even a few inches every now and then. And over the past 24 hours we've hit a snow bonanza. Yes, it's early. No, I'm not thrilled despite my love of all things Christmas. However, I have the pleasure of enjoying it from a much younger perspective, and that helps to soften the blow.

A few days ago as Jonathan watched the snow fall in squall bursts befitting the primary snowbelt instead of our normal secondary one, he reveled in the fun to come and told Laura of all the stuff they'd do when they finally got to go out and play in it. He even mentioned things we don't usually need here in the lower 48. Like snowshoes for instance. This meant that I had to look up snowshoes so we could figure out just why they worked. After all, I'm not one to pass up a teachable moment. But I failed to realize just how much of an impression it was making on Laura.

Before I realized it, Laura had gathered the flaps from the cardboard box that she'd had Daddy cut off the day before, and was sitting on the floor trying to figure out how to make her own snowshoes so she could go outside and play. Soon she asked Jonathan for help and before I knew it, masking tape was out and being used for makeshift 'laces'. While I don't think her version would last long, it is quite creative. Laura spent a long time 'walking' around her pretend snowfall, keeping herself on top of the snow, proving that she should be able to go outside and play because she "...won't get wet, Mom. Really I won't. I promise!" even though she has a cold.

As I type she's plotting to get outside as soon as Daddy comes home to enjoy the extra snow that fell today, and wondering where her snowshoes went. Somehow I think they are better left indoors.

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