Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

Christmas is, well... it is Christmas! An amazing, festive time of year when our house is transformed right along with many others on the block. A time when our family manages to spend a bit more time together, and the boys don't mind my constant singing quite as much. It is a time when there are one or two things that happen that inevitably become part of our family 'legend'. It is a time when I can spend the whole month driving my rather impatient boys nuts giving obscure hints as to the contents of packages that will eventually wind up under the tree with their names on them. Sometimes we don't even put their real names since that might give the whole thing away, so we make up something instead. And this year was no different. This year was the year of the Wii...

And while Mom and Diane worked in the kitchen,

Laura and Daddy played with her new V-Smile game,

And Poppy and Murphy had their own plans...

After all of the presents, food and fun, Libby finally found herself too tired to play, too.

As the season winds down, I find it hard to take down all of the decorations, pack away the memories, and let the cold of winter seep in where holiday lights used to be. But this year I think it will be a bit easier. After all, Jonathan and I are plotting to add a new tree or two to our 'Christmas forest', and Laura is already getting excited for next year. And I can always break out a Christmas song or two. After all, I know all of the words to those! :)

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