Monday, September 08, 2008

By George, I Think She's Got It!

Yes, indeed. I do believe she's actually got it. Down pat, even. Or maybe I should have said 'dry pat, even'. Why? Because she's done it. She's actually done it. Our "Potty Princess" really is, finally, a true, full-fledged, verifiable Potty Princess. Not because she wants to, mind you. But she has done it in spite of herself.

Almost every morning she wakes up with dry pull ups. And after doing her thing, she will find a pink pair of big girl panties and put them on. Well, perhaps after a bit of 'naked baby' running just because she can. :) Our big girl is finally big in yet another sense of the word. And I couldn't be happier. But I am considering buying stock in Potty Toppers...

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Sue said...

Congratulations! Well there's a big step for you! Now if you can share some of your secrets I'd be happy to try them over this way ... Grace has absolutely NO desire to figure this one out. Period. Nada. No way. Thankfully I can put all the blame on her cast for reasons why I'm putting this off, but it's most likely coming off on Friday (yahoo!) so my excuse will be gone. I've never seen anyone so disinterested in anything. How in the world can I even get started?!

Wow, I'm just thrilled for Laura -- it must make her feel so good. And for you too! What a way to end the summer! :)