Saturday, August 30, 2008

Influence 'R Us

I realize that there are many families who have gone before me. Many have raised a daughter after having a house full of testosterone. It is so very common. I just don't know any up close and personal. Oh, I have several friends who have one son for instance, and then a daughter or two. And I have friends who have a few older sons and a younger daughter, but they also have an older daughter or two to help balance that out. Not here. Nope. We're exploring the joys of a daughter who idolizes her brothers. And it is a testament to God's nature more than the nurture she receives from her brothers that she prefers dolls to guns, and Care Bears and stuffed 'My Little Ponies' to Star Wars and lego war sets.

This morning the whole realization that she needs an older female example now and then came blasting, literally, through to me once again. Laura was rough housing with the boys. You know, the "let's have a good time and run through the house playing hide and seek and so on while we should be picking up and getting the house cleaned" thing. As a lull came in order for them to catch their breath, Laura was standing over Matthew, who was laying prone on the floor on his belly, waiting for him to get up so she could chase him. However, Matthew relaxed just a bit too much and it seems a little fluff was released. Okay, a not so little fluff was released. It echoed even. And then just a second or two later I heard the pitter patter of little feet retreating and a very sweet voice yelling "RUN FOR YOUR WIFE!!! RUN FOR YOUR WIFE!!!" And then a very quiet male 'excuse me' amidst the rolling laughter.

*sigh* Yes, she's being raised with teenage boys. Somehow I have to think God's preparing her for something. At least I hope so. After all, why let her knowledge of boys go to waste??? LOL

And so it goes.

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