Tuesday, March 04, 2008


This morning, after already posting a blog entry for the day, an email arrived in my inbox titled "PUSH". I didn't know the sender and thought I might just delete it but then realized my husband's name, along with a lot of folks at his office, were in the send to line so I figured it was probably from someone at his office. And it was. So I read it.

PUSH means

Hmmmm... Should I pass it off as coincidence or do I take it as a big ol' whack in the head with a loving 2x4 from the Lord? I think, for sanity sake I'll take it as a mix of a little of both. In my ongoing frustration with not knowing what really needs to be done to fix Laura's feet for good and working very hard to avoid osteotomy surgery, the only option I know to do is pray while seeking the best care we can for her. Perhaps my problem is that I want the solution to come after just praying for a week, or two, or as it seems now, for months on and off. Perhaps I need to make this a point of my several times a day prayer for longer than when I get tired of praying and feel totally depressed about the whole thing. Perhaps PUSHing, continuing even when logic says you don't need to is part of what I need to learn. Perhaps persistence and dogged dedication to just giving up and trusting the Lord until my eyes cross and I can no longer stand the calluses on my knees is what I'm supposed to learn. Perhaps, just perhaps, I'm supposed to learn something else but I'll do it through this. I just don't know. But I'm willing to find out.

So I'm going to PUSH. I'll pray until something good happens. And I'll let you know how it goes. Care to join me?


Dejah said...

Personally, I prefer TLHTWHT:

The Lord helps those who help themselves.

Prayer is great, but it's no substitute for directed and focused action.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

OH I am ALL about directed, focused action. I excel in that. It is one of the reasons we've found the best specialists we can for her and why we've driven to Iowa in blizzards and to St. Louis umpteen times in the past five months. Letting go and allowing the Lord to do HIS thing is definitely my issue. So I'll keep praying that through my actions, the Lord will permanently straighten her foot. :)