Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Laura's Feet in September, January, February and Today

As we prepare for our trip to see Dr. Dobbs this weekend, I have been thinking some of what might happen when we are there. I know he'll examine her and go over our options with us. And I've assumed she'll come home with casts so I've been preparing her for that. I also decided that I needed to document where her feet were so we have a record here of where we were once again before we recast, IF we recast.

Getting a good picture of her feet is not easy. She is constantly moving and changing her weight distribution in an effort to avoid having to use her muscles to stand still. And when you finally get her to stand still, you can get several pictures of her feet that all look different due to the way she stands. However, I persisted and we have something to go by. These pictures are a pretty good indication of the way her feet look most of the time. Sometimes they look worse, sometimes much better. Consider these an average.

Here are some pictures from today:

Here are some pictures I took of her difficult foot a month ago and sent to Dr. Dobbs so he could see how she'd begun relapsing once again. You need to look closely to see that her heel has more tissue on the inside than it does on the outside and the very slight 'lean' her scar is developing once again:

And here were her beautiful feet the day after we removed her cast. They were so straight!!!

We don't know what will happen on Monday, but we do know that what we've done so far has had a tremendous impact. Here were her feet before we started seeing Dr. Dobbs in September. You can see just how pronounced her heel varus was and how high her arch was:

Again, we don't know the outcome yet for Monday but we do know that we're making progress and that perhaps, if we catch it soon enough, we can keep her feet on the right path long enough that they'll decide to stay put.

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