Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Clubfoot Saga Continues Right Along With Shoe Shopping!

When Laura was released from her last round of casts and we set eyes on those perfectly straight little feet, it was all I could do not to cry. Tears of joy. Lots of them. I dreamed of buying shoes - lots of shoes - and totally enjoying life with just some SMO's to deal with for awhile. But as you might assume, it was not to be.

Within two weeks, her straight little foot was once again leaning the wrong way. Her heel varus will not stay corrected. I don't believe it is as bad as it once was, but it definitely isn't straight any more. However, she is not in pain again. And she's already outgrown the need to have her SMO's. She runs around the house like a champ from the moment she gets up until we put her to bed again that night. Her foot does seem to get tired when she's walking a lot without the SMO's so I use them anyway when she's wearing any type of shoe. Yes, there are some definite benefits and we are making progress. It just is slow going right now. And I find that not knowing what lies ahead is a very frustrating place to be.

We head to St. Louis again this weekend. Dr. Dobbs will be seeing us bright and early Monday morning at 7 AM where we'll discuss our options from here and most likely put her in another set of casts. I find myself wondering what new thing the medical community will learn from treating her. And I wonder just how gentle and understanding she'll be because of all she's been through.

I also keep wondering what it is that I'm supposed to learn from all of this besides how to drive to and from St. Louis with my eyes closed. Well, sort of. :) I'm sure there's something that I'm supposed to learn yet and I just haven't concurred it yet. Perhaps I need to keep relearning how to let go and let God handle it but I keep thinking I do that in this situation. Hmmmm... maybe there is something to that 'in this situation' thing... But what else? Perhaps I need to learn how to just be happy no matter what or to learn new research techniques to help find the answer or ???? I don't know. But I'll keep on keeping on until we solve her dilemma.

Meanwhile, I have discovered some great shoes and am dreaming about a few more. See Kai Run shoes work great with SMO's - that is what she's wearing in the picture. They are made wider than normal shoes so they fit and look completely normal on. No stretching over the inserts or not having the velcro strap reach where it is supposed to. I love See Kai Run shoes! We also discovered a pair of boots from Target that fit over them and we've been wearing those a lot. And the older style of Preschoolians fit great over SMO's, too, as long as you take the shoe insert out. But her Preschoolians are getting too small so it is time to find some new ones and I'm not sure their new style will work. But I'm going to try anyway if I can find a bargain. I keep wanting to buy something that fits and will go with some of her clothing that isn't pink, but since we are facing an unknown, I'm just browsing now and will buy something when I know what we have to deal with in the future. So I keep looking, and Laura is drooling and proclaiming "OH those are SOOO CUUUUUTE!" at every other pair. I fear she'll be fascinated with shoes for the rest of her life. But then that's not so bad. I'll just teach her to shop bargains!


Anonymous said...

Hi Chris! It's Annette H from the CTTM group. I have LOTS of experience with club foot! My 15yo ds was born with both club feet and after a series of casts, had surgery at 5 mos. He had another surgery at 9 yo. Then our dd from China had a club foot (we requested it because we had experience with that "special need"). Her's was caused from damage to the sciatic nerve. She's had two surgeries so far. There's a lot more that goes on with this type of injury. If you want to talk or have any questions, just email me through CTTM and we can chat!

Annette H

PS How old is your dd?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, we've also had LOTS of braces, corrective shoes, physical therapy and now dd has a lift in her shoe!

Annette H

Anonymous said...

My son was completely "out of the woods" by 3 yrs old. We had a doctor who guided us through aggressive "Ponseti" method and all was ok. Up until this month (he is now 4 yrs old). We may have to do surgery. A tendon Transplant and an Achilles lengthening. It was so much easier when he was a baby because I knew he wouldn't remember a thing. But now he's 4 and very bright... and well, it's killing my insides to have to revisit this entire situation. I thought for sure it was behind us. Tell me about your experiences with the surgeries. Are they the same kind? I will have about 2 months of castings this spring... and have high hopes he will be running around and having fun this summer.

denellCLC said...

Hi! I am 5 months pregnant and we have discovered through ultrasound that our baby boy has a left club foot. It is supposedly mild at the moment but we will have another ultrasound in Pittsburgh in four weeks when I am 25 weeks and then an appt at Children's hospital with a pediatric orthopedist. I am feeling ok about the correction since I feel lucky there isn't anything more serious wrong but have been buying some layette stuff and wondering how bulky the casts or braces will be and if I need to notify all family and friends before our shower so they don't buy items w/ feet or tight legs. How do we keep his little legs and feet warm this winter with a cast on? Any input or personal experiance info would be greatly appreciated!

ClbFtMama said...

My daughter, Mattea is 3 yrs old. She was born with bilateral club feet, and has endured 5 sets of serial castings at Sick Kids Hospital, a Tendon release at 1 yr, 4 sets of boots n bar, now her first pair of AFO's, and we were just told she needs a much more agressive surgery with in the next few months ,and she will have to re learn to use her feet...and a new pair of AFO's. Its nice to see another clb ft mama blogging about your experiences...I too have recently started a blog..its clbftmama@blogspot/google

Jazmine said...

Hi, Jazmine here. My daughter, Havana, was born with bilateral talipes in Oct 2010. She has had 12 wks of casting, a Tonotomy of both tendons, and is currently wearing Dennis Brown boots. I am trying to start a Facebook page, please visit and post, put pics etc on it 'Clubfoot Parents' Thanks

prozac and clubfoot said...

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