Monday, March 31, 2008

No More Naps! Unless...

Several months ago Laura decided that napping wasn't in her schedule. They were just wasted time to her. Time when she could be doing oh so much more. Time when there were worlds to conquer, books to read, games to play, and brothers to annoy. No, naps were just in her way. And she couldn't be persuaded otherwise - especially after moving to her 'big girl bed' where bars no longer impeded her escape.


I will be the first to admit that I miss it. Totally. Not only will there be no more napping children in my life, but there will be no more naps until I'm old enough to be taking them myself. Naps were the best time for catching up on school work with the boys, writing a note to a friend, or just reading a good book uninterrupted. Naps were the perfect time to daydream a little, write up a list, or plan the next grocery shopping trip without excess scribbles on it from a 'helper'. Yes, naps were fabulous. But they are no more.


Perhaps now and then it still might be okay. When the mood is just right, the day is cloudy and you are stuck indoors with Daddy, perhaps a nap is just the ticket. :)

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Ang said...

We call Mr. FixIt's recliner the C-O-D for "chair of death" as you cannot escape the grasp once you sit in there...5 minutes & you're toast! Especially cuddled with daddy: YES- they're OUT! :-D

When the naps go away, it's almost like you've been betrayed because of the time you've lost for yourself.

Yay for Dad naps, even if only on weekends!!