Monday, December 24, 2007

I Need To Get To The North Pole, Daddy

Christmas with children is such a magical time. Baking together, playing even more games than usual together, taking time to create things together, and of course plotting together enhances their memories for years to come. In fact, many of the things I do with my children were things my parents did with me. We also enjoy making new memories and doing things that we've never done before. And this morning, Laura ventured in to new territory for all of us.

After getting Laura out of bed, I brought her in to rest a bit more with Daddy and I. We were still tired from the cleaning frenzy we'd engineered the night before and we needed a bit more rest. As Laura laid there with us, I assumed she was just waking up and enjoying the time sandwiched between her two favorite people in the whole wide world. I was mistaken. She was busy, very busy. Busy creating! All of the sudden she says "I need to get to the North Pole, Daddy." Uhhh... okay. Sure. We'll go along with that. "Oh? What do you want to do there?" That was a nice, open ended parental response, don't you think? Well Laura didn't think so.

With much determination, and as she climbs out of her sleep sack, she says "Daddy, I need a boxed. A big boxed. I wan to paint the bottom of it lellow and the top I'll paint red." Then as she slipped off the end of the bed she says "Come on guys! Let's get to worked!". Daddy looks over at me and rolls his eyes closed. Hmmmm... doesn't seem like he's up for 'getting to worked'.

Laura noticed. She goes over to his side of the bed and continues to talk about the North Pole and her need to get a big box. Then she says "I don think I wan to paint the top red. I think I'll paint it pinked!" I let her know I approve of her choice while she pokes Daddy a few times and says with as much enthusiasm "Come on guys! We need to get to worked! I'm going to the North Pole!"

Thankfully, Jonathan chose that moment to come in to the room. He went along with her creative thinking for awhile and then helped detour her to another topic. Slowly, Daddy got out of bed and gathered himself for the day ahead. I think he was so relieved he wasn't required to build a 'lellow and pink' sleigh out of a cardboard box, complete with a door that he almost danced with glee. I, on the other hand, quietly thanked the Lord for Jonathan one more time and headed down the stairs to make breakfast.

Yes, Christmas with children is a wonderful thing! More stories to follow, I assure you!

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