Saturday, December 22, 2007

You Don't Do That A Peoples!

When you as a parent are enjoying the peace and quiet on a Saturday morning, it is nice to kick back and be thankful for just how wonderful your life is, how much of a blessing your husband is, and how great your kids are. You can relax knowing that the Lord has provided so much for you, just you, and all is right with the world. And then...


Kinda brings you right back to reality, doesn't it?

Yes, my children were, emphasis on were mind you, playing quite nicely together. They were even including Laura in their fun. I was lulled in to a sense of peace befitting the season we are celebrating. Until reality came crashing in. Apparently, Jonathan and Matthew were very busy breaking one of the staunch house rules - NO PILLOW THROWING - when Laura happened to walk between the two of them. Yes, you guessed it. Smack. Right on the ol' noggin. Instead of taking the victim role, one she normally relishes with tremendous dramatic flair, she opted instead to take a more verbal role, choosing to put the boys in their place and play Mommy instead. I would have opted for a more calm approach where the pillow was snatched out from between them before they saw it coming closely followed by some question meant to help them determine that if they didn't change their activities pronto, life would be meeting them quite quickly square in their seat of learning followed by some personal quiet time, but Laura saw fit to do it her way. I can see why. She's not nearly as good at interceptions as I am but I'm sure she'll learn.

After a brief period of everyone shouting something to the other two, I heard howls of laughter coming from the room. Laura, dealing with the problem in her own way, had inadvertently come up with a way to defuse the situation and send everyone back to being the good kids that they are without breaking their spirits, or any lamps for that matter. I can't wait to see how she handles the next difficulty. Hey, if she's got the parenting thing figured out at 3 years of age, we've got a long road ahead of us! Then again, she'll make a great Mom someday, won't she? :)

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