Monday, December 03, 2007

Don't They Always Prove You Wrong???

Just this weekend I ventured in to Target to purchase yet another case of Pampers. Yes, I said case. As in lots of diapers. Seventy-two to be exact. Given Laura's stubborn desire to NOT grow up in all areas of her life, I figured it probably wasn't the last case I'd be buying. Apparently Laura, with an ability that all children have now and then, heard my brain as it wrapped around that thought and decided to prove me wrong. Really wrong. But this time I guess I can't complain.

As I type, Laura is on her third round through the little girls room today. She's proudly wearing Princess pull ups and she's managed to keep their flowers alive and well for half a day! Yes, half a day. That has to be some kind of record for her. Previously, Dora and the Princesses flower gardens would be watered without fail just moments after beginning to wear them. And sometimes, in some vague hope of disguising the fact that the flowers were now dead, gone, done in for good, she'd attempt to add a little extra fertilizer to see if that might help. Alas, this usually just caused the flowers to disappear in to oblivion never to be seen again. But today is different.

Today marks the beginning of a new era. Today, Laura has done her business in the little girls room three times. All three times she told us it was time for her to use the facilities. And all three times she hurried to get there, maintaining her composure while yelling for her bathroom buddy, Jonathan, to come and help her. I think my little girl is finally choosing to grow up in yet another way.

And I think I should have purchased a case of pull ups instead of diapers. Do they even come in cases? *sigh*

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