Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sand Crabs In Ohio?

It would seem that an invasion of sorts is happening right here in my very own backyard. An invasion so unique to our area that I'm sure they are very few and far between. The last time we had this invasion, I documented it and really didn't plan on the need to document it again given the extensive clean up involved. Oh how wrong I was. Apparently memories are rather short lived and the long winter months spent burying themselves in the snow kept the dream alive.

I should have been suspicious this afternoon when Jonathan ran in and told me to get my camera and come outside quickly. I probably should have asked more questions on the way out, but the sinking feeling in my stomach told me to just go out and face the music without being forewarned. After having spent at least ten minutes trying to wash the sand out of Laura's hair last Tuesday, I just couldn't face the thought of having to do it all over again so soon. So I didn't ask.

As I came out on to the deck, I noted a small, pink head sticking up in the sand. Upon further investigation, this is what greeted me:

And then Jonathan, obviously feeling like he hadn't buried her quite deep enough, set about to add even more to the pile.

And then even more!

Finally Laura could stand it no more. She asked much more politely than I would have if I had little sand particles invading every nook and cranny of my body, if he was finished and if perhaps she might get up. Reluctantly Jonathan gave his okay and Laura broke free from her the cocoon of sand.

She lost her balance a bit on the sand but finally emerged. Standing, but covered in sand.

As I type, Jonathan has been assigned to wash her hair and I've already spent at least 30 minutes trying to get all of the sand off of the kitchen floor, bathroom floor and out of her clothing. We won't even discuss how much Jonathan will add to the pile when he gets ready for a shower...

And so the crab season begins here in Ohio. Who knew? I think, given all that has transpired in the sandbox over the years, I should have known. Maybe it is time to build an outdoor shower...

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Ang said...

Outdoor shower- ha ha!
My kids pestered me all last summer about getting the sprinkler out. After giving up and blasting them just one quick time with the hose, they realized I wasn't lying about well water 70 feet down being COLD! Northern Ohio is a whole different ballgame compared to South Carolina when you drag out the sprinkler. Forget the 100-deg temps and 80-85-degree tap water! :-D

If DH ever gets hot/cold spigot outside, I definitely would consider an outdoor "rinse off" shower for the kids, especially on sand box days!