Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Presenting Princess Laura!

Everyday I wake up knowing that the day will start in a very predictable manner. Don will run out of the house on his way to the bus stop by 6 AM, the boys will groan as I wake them up at 7 and warn them to be quiet, and Laura will inevitably arise by the time their feet hit the floor as the noise they make lamenting the need to get up reaches her alert ears. And sometime within the next 30 minutes I will hear the following: "Mom! Oh MOM! I wan my toes!" I'll smile knowing I'm not sure I want to tackle her closet yet and respond with "Are you sure? Wouldn't you like to stay warm just a bit longer?" only to see her head shaking no and to hear "I wan my toes" once again. And I'll sigh as I head to her bedroom, holding her hand as she drags me behind her.

Once we enter her room, she'll run and play for a minute while I inevitably contemplate what it is we have to do that day and whether it requires play clothes, good clothes or whether she can wear one of her prized possessions - a dress. Eventually she'll spot me looking through her outfits and run over to express her opinion and choose a dress. I'll say no, she'll say "pease" and look at me with those precious pleading eyes. I'll contemplate whether she can really stay warm enough in a dress if she wears tights or a pair of leggings and she'll eventually know I'm softening when I tell her that the particular dress she's chosen doesn't match any clean tights or leggings. Willingly she'll choose another and another until we find a match and I begin the days first change.

This morning things didn't go like they normally do. I was on the phone bright and early leaving Jonathan to play with her for awhile. Little did I realize that Laura had just been waiting for such an occassion to wear what I'm sure will become her favorite outfit. While I was otherwise occupied, her brother, very willing to acccomodate her desires if it keeps her happy, agreed to dress her in whatever she chose. For her that meant tights and a dress. Jonathan, realizing the dress wasn't warm enough on it's own, encouraged her to choose a shirt to go under it. He's such a caring big brother, isn't he?

After helping to dress her, they snuck downstairs for the unveiling. While I wasn't watching he told her to hide behind the chair until he told her to come out. Then with a flourish he announced "Presenting Princess Laura!" and just as I twirled around in my chair, out pops Laura, dressed for her day in her very own outfit. I can only describe it as 'interesting'. Her Aunt chose the word 'colorful'. I think she was just being nice. What do you think?


Lori4squaremom said...

Oh, Chris, she is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is so precious in her colorful little outfit! She's beautiful and what a wonderful big brother she has :) He even took care to make sure she'd be warm enough!

Too too sweet :)

Chris said...

Thank you. She is indeed one of our miracles. :) Jonathan and Laura are a team and they love each other very much!

Monique said...

I think she looks very nice! Such a caring brother!