Thursday, March 01, 2007

Cabin Fever

Over the past two months we've endured several feet of snow which seems to fall all at the same time, bitterly cold temperatures, high winds that create blizzard-like conditions and far too many snow piles created from our attempt to move the snow out of our way. It honestly seems like it will never end. But we trust that eventually spring will arrive. It will bring warmer temperatures, rain, rain, and even more rain, and of course blooms on the trees, flowers bursting from the muddy garden and the opportunity to dream about what plants we'll grow this year in order to add some home-grown vegetables to our table. Meanwhile, cabin fever reigns supreme. I know it effects the boys so we send them out as often as we can. Riding bikes, playing basketball at the rec, quick pick up games with the boys in the neighborhood and of course sledding down the piles of snow we've created keep them occupied. Laura, however, is a whole different matter.

In a normal week, Laura will accompany us to several grocery stores, at least one trip to the library, her normal therapy with Miss Merri Jo, church, and wherever else we run off to as we take care of our house and visit with family and friends. The past few weeks have been much less active for her. For at least a month it has been too cold to take her out much given her health issues, so trips to the store and other errands have more often been done by one parent as the other stays home with her. We've had to cancel therapy several times due to illness and temperatures so cold they married the bottom of our garage door to the cement preventing the van from even thinking about venturing out in the blizzard. Church has suffered the same fate for her. The library is but a distant memory as she hasn't been since just after Christmas meaning Mommy or Daddy picks out her books and videos for her. Parks aren't even in the equation. Laura is housebound.

In the past few days our temps have been much more normal, hovering in the 30's. Rain is actually in the forecast instead of snow and we've had a few sunny days under our belts to tantalize us as we look forward to spring. This morning isn't one of them. Rain is pelting the house and the sun isn't even thinking about making an appearance. We're expecting several inches of rain over the next 24 hours and flooding, due to the ice flows breaking up and backing up the river, are expected. But Laura could care less. As I dressed her she decided it was time to do something outside so she began her precious requests.

First came the cautious statement "I wan to go outtide." Followed by a still cautious but more empowered "Pease?" When I said no she tried again. "I dough to da Docor?" Again I shook my head no. So she tried again. "I dough to terpy to sees Me Mrri Dough?" I smiled knowing she's missing Miss Merri Jo because we had to cancel therapy this week. But I still shake my head no. And so it goes. She works down her list: "We dough to churt?" No. "We dough to ta tibary?" No. "We dough to Honey and Poppa's?" As I smile I again say "No". "We dough to get tosies, otay? Pease?" Sadly, once again I shake my head no. There will be no grocery stores for her today. She sighs. She is out of suggestions and she knows she'll be home once again today. She wraps her arms around me and cradles in my arms as we head downstairs to enjoy the day together once again. I'm sure she's already wondering how she can use her precious little head-cocked "pease" to get something to keep her busy for awhile.

And so cabin fever continues...

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