Thursday, January 01, 2009

Mitchell Shoes on a Dobbs Bar

For those of you who are looking for information about the Mitchell shoes on a Dobbs bar, here's what we use. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or on the nosurgery4clubfoot group on yahoo groups.

Our setup for our Mitchell shoes on a Dobbs bar

We attached the bar upside down so it did not get in the way of her walking. Here it shows that more clearly.

Here's the bottom of our shoes and bar:

And a closer view of one shoe - note the tab to press that makes the Mitchells easily removed from whatever bar they are attached to, including the Dobbs bar:

And a closer view of the plate and how it fits on to the shoes:


Sue said...

If it's not too much trouble, could you post a picture of Laura standing in her brace? I'm curious how this works for her -- how she walks in it, etc. Dr. VB isn't a fan of the articulating bar -- I forget his precise words, but I think he was a little leery of it holding the correction as much as it should. But SO many people use this ... I find it interesting. We use the Ponseti bar and Grace doesn't seem to mind it (thankfully!!!). Thanks!

veronica said...

hey there... been following your blog for a while. i recently left the clubfoot sight, but i have a question pertaining to this post.

someone suggested that i see about using the dobbs bar on my son, b/c it would allow the feet to move more independently. my understanding has always been that the feet need to stay at particular angles in order to remain corrected... so my question is how does this bar work? do the feet actually move? is it more comfortable for the kids?

if you can email me at valejandras[at]gmail[dot]com....i would REALLY appreciate it. thank you!!!


Erin Maguire said...

My daughter is using the Dobbs bar with individually made AFOs. They have not worked well and we will be moving to the mitchells shortly but want to keep the dobbs bar. I want my orthotist to have someone to connect with in order to help her attach the mitchells to the dobbs bar. Do you mind sharing who did the set up for you? I will also be sharing your post with her. My email is Thanks so much for your help and being such a great resource!!

Ann said...
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Ann said...

Hi there. I came across your blog via the yahoo group. We just bought our first pair of Mitchell shoes and ordered a Dobbs brace through an orthotist. Unfortunately, I don't feel very confident in my orthotist's knowledge/experience with Mitchells and the Dobbs brace which leads me to my question: How difficult is it to manipulate the Dobbs brace with the shoes? For example, can we change the angle ourselves pretty easily? I see that you attached your bar upside down so your daughter can walk more easily. Is that something we can do ourselves or do I need to ask the orthotist to do this? Any insight would be great. Thanks for leading us to this post!

trainers shoes said...

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Mary Joy said...

hi, my daughter will be using same shoes 3weeks from now. does anyone has a size 3 mitchell shoes? i need someone who can donate to us. please feel free to contact me at thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi All, I live in Australia. Can anyone tell me of a Doctor I can talk to about the Dobbs boots and Bar? It seems the Ponseti brand are the only ones recommended here but I would desperately like a second opinion.
Appreciate any help
Thanks, mandy :-)

Heidi said...

To all those with Dr.s who are resistant to the Dobbs bar and have the means to try it yourself, please do it - and then tell your Dr. how great it is!

My Dr. was trained by Dr. Ponsetti and was resistant to us using it at first. Now that he knows how great it works (a few of his patients have gone rogue and started using it for various reasons), he today recommended it to us and wrote us a prescription for it (with Mitchell shoes). YAY! Lets get the word spread about this setup!!!

Oh and to Veronica: their feet are still kept at the prescribed angle and stay equal distance apart...see the video on that (somewhat unfairly, but it is a marketing tool) compares the two bars.

Kirti Sinha said...
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Kirti Sinha said...

Hi Everyone, I recently shifted to India with my 2 yrs 9 mths sons who was born with clubfeet and treated by Ponseti method from day 7 of his birth.

I was in Singapore before coming to India and my son was given Markell shoes to wear without bars for last one year by the doctor. But no matter what the doctor says I can see his feet has turned little inwards and know he needs to be on bars during night and nap time for atleast a year from now.

Can anyone let me know how and from where can I order Mitchell shoes and Dobbs bar.

Would look forward for an early reply as I don't have any doctor here whom I can meet and get the shoes and bars. Thanks

Humairo's Journey said...

Hi Kirthi who is your dr? i'm from SG and i'm using Markell. My daughter normally has her foot slipped out on her left. Tried thick socks with anti slip ons and it work wonders but we alsways have a hard time with the markell shoes. i'm looking for where i can find Mitchell sohes. My daughter is wearing the smallest size but still too big for her

Kirti said...

Hi Humario, My son was under Dr. James Hui from NUH. He had recommended Markell shoes so did not try to find Mitchell shoes there. I came to know about Mitchell shoes through this site after coming to India. As far as I know the KK children hospital had the most variety of therapeutic shoes for kids. You may try there.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Does anyone know if we could get Mitchell/Markell shoes with Dobbs bar in India?

Unknown said...

Hi i was looking for a dodds bar and the boots to go with in australia any ideas please let me know ?? Im looking for one to send to nz for my baby neff any feed back would be great e mail me

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone.. im a mom from philippines. My son noah has right clubfoot andin need of a dobbs bar. Does anyone here have dobbs bar that is no longer used? We been trying to look everywhere here in our country but finding shoes and bar is not easy. I have found someone who lends a shoe on fb however there is no bar attached. And the ortho says the bar is essential for the alignment of the my son's foot. Hope there is someone who can lend us. Thank you in advance . If there is someone kindly email me at thanks again.