Friday, August 29, 2008

Saying Goodbye to Summer

On the boardwalk in Wildwood

As I wrote the last post, I had this deep desire to revisit our days at the beach. It was such a peaceful time. Despite the whole bathroom situation. :) So here are some more pictures of our time at the beach. Can't you just smell the ocean?

Jonathan spent a lot of time searching for shells. Especially the elusive, unoccupied whelk. I believe this was one of his first...

And this was Matthew's first.

And Jonathan found more.

On the day that we headed down to Sunset Beach, we came home by way of the Cape May Lighthouse park. This is part of what is left of some military bunkers and so on. Initially the Seth, Mackenzie, Jarryd, Mikayla, Jonathan and Matthew were not expecting the spray.

But for this picture they knew it was coming and the girls knew it wouldn't get them wet.

Matthew really loved this beach.

Matthew, Uncle Scott and Jonathan explored the old military bunkers.

And the boys tried to dig trenches but the ocean kept ruining all of their hard work.

We spent some time in Cape May strolling the shops. Laura, Jonathan and Uncle Scott found a fountain.

And after we were done, Laura and Kenz found a place to rest back at Scott and Brenda's rental.

I had to include this photo. It is of Scott and Brenda's mirror as we crossed the access bridge over the sound approaching Stone Harbor. In it you can see our van, complete with clam shell on the top, and you can also see Brenda taking the photo. Cracked us up!

Back in Stone Harbor, the boys found one of the few Horseshoe crabs we found this year. They are big suckers. And I mean big! Very slow moving. Very scarce.

And finally, the boys after conquering another day at the beach. The sun is setting and we must all head back. Oh how I wish I were on that beach again. Just for a few more days!!!
At least we have next year.


Sue said...

Oh, I am SOOOOO jealous!!! I can indeed smell the ocean, hear the ocean, feel the salty breeze ... Where DID summer go?! I am lamenting it more than ever this year, I think. We made our way to the shore once and had a few more return trips planned. But once Grace got her cast, all ideas involving water quickly evaporated (yes, pun quite intended!) :) ... I do feel some bittersweet tugs thinking back on how much time and energy this clubfoot relapse took up, all of our carefree fun family days ... But hey, the kids are resilient (I, less so, but maybe one of these days I'll learn!) and we made the best of it.

Aidan turns 6 on Monday, school starts for him on Tuesday -- full day kindergarten this year. I'm already trying to keep back the tears, imagining my days without him.

Glad you had a chance to return to your favorite spot. :) Looks like you all made some wonderful, lasting memories.

Sorka said...

ahh the boardwalk in Wildwood! I spent a summer there at the Boardwalk Chapel!! My sister in law is the daughter of the director.. we spent alot of time down there!! I miss it!