Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She's A Super Duper Pooper!

Okay, okay, okay. Yes, I know. She'll regret that I displayed that to the world some day. But I have to tell you, I'm ready to shout it from the mountain tops and I'm thinking that letting the whole world know that your stubborn, 'won't poop in the potty' child has gone twice in a row in the potty is something so fabulous, I'm willing to live with the long term fallout. Trust me on this. It is BIG news!

After taking umpteen videos out of the library, learning potty song after potty song, after potty song, I find that the one that means the most to me now is the same one that I was singing 12 years ago, too. "I'm A Super Duper Pooper" is one of the songs on the "It's Potty Time" video. This video was a standard in our home when Matthew was potty training and refusing to poop in the potty, too. At the time we thought it was because David had so many issues with pottying, but now I'm wondering if it isn't just the norm for those lucky enough to be born in our long line of stubborn er... make that determined folk. But for whatever reason, I think we might be well on our way to kissing our diapers and pull ups goodbye forever - at least during the day.

Just moments ago Matthew, Jonathan and I gathered in the hallway in front of the bathroom as we heard cries of "MOMMY! I pooped on the potty!" come rolling out of the bathroom. We all clapped, cheered and serenaded her singing:
She's a Super Duper Pooper,
She can potty with the best.
No more diapers to get in her way,
I bet you are impressed!

She's a Super Duper Pooper,
She knows when she has to go.
Take a bow,
She's a big kid now,
She's the best pooper you know!

Yes, we did that. And we'll do it again. And again. And again. As long as it takes. And when we're done we'll be glad. But secretly, I'll know that I've potty trained for the last time. So while my heart is soaring with pride at her accomplishments, I'll be a bit sad as well. She's growing up. I'll have to come to grips with that. Someday. :)

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