Thursday, June 19, 2008

Princess of the Potty

It is wonderful to be able to report that our Princess of the Potty is doing quite well at it and is actually wearing big girl undies during the day. YEAH for Laura! And while her foray in to pottying has had its difficulties, not to mention its delayed start, it has also provided some entertainment for us.

As we were travelling home from Stone Harbor, we were pushing the last leg of our journey when from the back comes a voice willing itself to be heard over the din of adult chatter, car noises and air conditioning. It said "Mommy I need to go potty." When no response was forthcoming, she went on to share a litany of pleas to get us to stop. But the one that finally brought a response from an adult, other than the advice to hold it awhile longer, was her plaintive plea "Pwease Mommy. Find a pee store, Mommy. I've got to go potty."

Ah, the wisdom of a four year old. :)

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