Wednesday, June 18, 2008

49 Years Filled With Love

While we were on vacation, my parents celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary. Forty-nine years. Married. Together. And to think that it started when they were very young and well, you know the rest. They have loved me, inspired me, corrected me, guided me, and walked beside me. They have accomplished much in their married lives, but the really cool thing about it all is that they are still married 49 years later, and still loving each other.

Jonathan made a special anniversary card for them in the sand. He may not realize it yet but because they've been married for so long and had such an influence on his life, he will be a better husband when he finally finds the one the Lord has for him. Meanwhile, he will keep it simple and honor his Honey and Poppy. A statement he made up himself and a heart he made for them to express his love for his grandparents. Emphasis on Grand. They are indeed grand. To him, to Matthew, to Laura, and to Don and I. And so Jonathan made his tribute from the heart. I wonder what he'll do next year.

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