Thursday, May 08, 2008

Who Is In Charge Here?

While there may periodically be a question in the boys minds about who is in charge here, it seems Laura has not a doubt about the bottom line. When home, she'll start in with the whole four year old 'please' thing when she wants something she thinks she needs, and after a few "No" statements from me, I end it by having a conversation with her as follows:

Me: I said no. What does Mommy mean when she says "No"?
Laura: No.
Me: And who is in charge here?
Laura: You are.
Me: So, I mean what I say and I'm in charge. Do you think you are going to get XXX then?
Laura: No.
Me: Then don't ask again.
Laura: Okay.

But you always wonder when you aren't with her just what she thinks. This week I found out. Apparently at therapy she was giving Miss Merri Jo a run for her money, acting all four year oldish. So Merri Jo asked her just who was in charge at home betting that Laura would say she was in charge given her determination to drive Merri Jo crazy that day. But no. Very seriously she said "Mommy is in charge."

Now, if only she could teach the boys that it is true - even when you are ten and fourteen.

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