Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Builder Extraordinaire!

It would seem that the Head Builder at the Lego Warehouse, located right here in our very humble abode, is rather predictable. If you hear that empty silence in the house, you can be pretty sure he's somewhere building with legos. And when you hear the telltale 'scratch' of a hand digging through a bunch of lego bricks that periodically punctuates that silence, you can tell whether he's in the family room or his bedroom surrounded by lego bins, working on some new creation. All in all, that's how it works around here most days after our school work is finished.

Which is why, when I came upon something new a few days ago, I was totally amused. As I walked around the corner I saw this:

If you look closely you can see that he is sitting on an old, red, Little Tykes toddler chair. Or perhaps I should say that he's 'balancing' on it. And you will also note that he needs to sit on the old, red, Little Tykes toddler chair because he's sitting at Laura's table and, as might seem obvious to most, it was made for toddler and preschoolers. We won't mention that the chairs that came with it have arm rests and his bucket won't fit in those... Also note that Laura is hanging around Matthew while he works - at her table - as she's a bit territorial about it. After all, it was Auntie Diane's when she was little and she loves it. No one else is supposed to fit at it and she enjoys autonomy in her little realm. Until now.

Matthew sat on that little red chair until he built some 20 miniature pistols, rifles, alien sub machine guns and who knows what else. And then he moved on to an armored personnel carrier so he could fill it with the dudes that carried all of that metal. Perhaps someday he'll be an engineer for the military where he can put all of this wonderful knowledge to a good use. Until then, Laura will just have to share her table. :)

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