Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My Fwowers Are Still Awive!!!

You heard it here, first. Laura's flowers are still alive. The flowers on her pull ups that is. No longer are they cut short in their prime, melting in to the background, blending in to a bluish tinge where once they stood tall and proud. NO! They are alive! Growing in the Princess Garden of Potty Training Success!!! And I honestly couldn't be happier.

For months, years even, we've seen garden after garden fall to the same watery fate. I began wondering if her Pediatrician was right when he said she wouldn't walk down the aisle in diapers. I began to wonder if, in fact, she was just stubborn enough to do it just to prove him wrong. But patience is, once again, rewarded to those who can manage it.

Something clicked last week. We were waiting for her therapy session to begin early Monday morning and she was playing with Hannah, a sister to one of the other girls in therapy. Hannah is younger than Laura by more than a year and has been potty trained for a long time. However, she recently backslid a bit and was in pull ups for awhile. She's now back in pretty little panties and she was not hesitant to show them off while we waited. Laura must have thought about that for a few days because by Wednesday she was determined to go "pee pee on the potty" regularly. For the first few days I reminded her every hour or so and she went, dutifully and her flowers lived! Then by the weekend she was reminding herself and getting to the potty when she needed to. She even ditched the potty seat and was balancing herself on the potty without it. And we regularly hear "My fwowers are still awive!" coming from the bathroom as she sits there waiting. It is music to my ears. :)

We still have the need to provide extra fertilization for all of those growing flowers, but I think the days of wetting them in to oblivion is almost past us. I'm so proud of her right now I could bust. And I can't wait until she's really able to be a 'big girl' in every sense of the word!


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