Thursday, February 05, 2009

She's Another Year Older

Our precious Laura had another birthday this week. She turned five. Five. My baby is five! Where does the time go? How is it that I can barely remember the difficult times we dealt with when she was born? Where did the wee thing we struggled to keep alive go? Was she ever really that tiny and fragile? Did they really diagnose her as a failure to thrive and say she would never develop normally?

Oh if they could only see her now...

They'd find her right where the Lord wanted her, growing healthy and happy in the midst of the family that God made just for her. They'd find her busy taking care of her babies, learning all of the things she needs to know at this stage in her life, helping to make her own birthday cake, and keeping us all on our toes. Who cares that her baby bottles periodically become guns so she can safely traverse through her brothers 'war zone' with her baby in order to 'safwe' get to the grocery store. Or that she knows far too many details about Indiana Jones or Star Wars characters since she loves to get right in the middle of whatever her brothers are doing? What matters is that she is content and loves life, thinks pink is the best thing going as any true princess at heart would, and that she will grow up to be a wonderful, devoted wife, mother, and strong woman of God.

Yes, she's five. Where, oh where does the time go?


Jo-Ann said...

I found your blog today and wanted to say hello.

My son is now 6 years old and had a tendon transfer for his neuromuscular clubfoot done last January. So nice to 'meet' someone else who has gone through this.

I am in Canada and my son's treatment is not going as well as I could hope and we are currently trying to get down to see Dr. Dobbs.

If you don't mind, I am going to add your blog to my foot blogs.

Btw, your daughter is a sweetheart!

Rosana V. said...

what a triumph! love it...your daughter is adorable.

KaKei said...

I found your blog today and loved this post. I am a single mom who homeschools my 9 year old. You are right, time passes so quickly. We must savor each and every "fairy and baby doll" moment.