Friday, February 27, 2009

Laura's New AFO

Last week we embarked on a new journey. One where Laura's foot will be held in place by an AFO for awhile. I must honestly say that after fighting it for so long, seeing her foot being held correctly and watching her walk almost normally has done my heart good. Knowing that 'cute shoes' will require a much more diligent search is something I can live with. Meanwhile, we went out and purchased a PT endorsed pair of New Balance tennies that are grey, pink and white. While they don't go with much of her dressier wardrobe, she wears them every day and loves them. And so it goes.

Here are some pictures of her in her AFO. And for those of you who have a kid with atypical/complex feet, you'll relate to the big toe stance well. :)


veronica said...

glad to hear that it's working for her.

cute shoes are overrated. hee hee

hope it continues to go well.

Jo-Ann said...

Seeing them walk and run better sure makes putting an AFO on easier to deal with doesn't it?

Warms the heart to know it is helping!

Btw, we are in shoe H### all the time here. lol