Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boys! Tan It!

Lately, I have been watching in amusement as the boys play bionicles in and around the family room. I'll never let on that what they are doing is so closely related to girls playing dolls or with their dollhouses that it is hard to tell the difference. Well, there are the unique looking 'dolls' and the periodic blasting sounds as they shoot whatever weapons they have followed by the sounds of something being blown up, but you get my drift. They 'direct' their play much like girls do with their dolls, telling each other what to do and what to say, getting frustrated when they can't have the 'guy' they want, and in general playing what I like to call "Bionicle House".

For several months, in the midst of all of this bionicle play has been our three year old girly girl. Clad in her must-have dress, she plops herself down in the middle of their play, takes whatever castoffs they'll give her and will play, shoot, blast and blow up right along with them. I had to stop in my tracks the other day when I heard her tell Jonathan to pick up his Barraki. But then to her I guess it is just another baby name. I'll deal with the fact that she knows them all as well as the boys do some other day.

Recently, however, Laura has decided that her babies, bunnies and dollhouses are much more interesting. She will, when pressed, join in with the boys (they like her to pick up the pieces for them when they blast one to death by throwing him on the ground) but she's prefer her own little world. More than once she's had to deal with extracting bionicles from her dollhouse, her baby bed where they've made their headquarters, or her stroller where they hang from the 'cliff' as they exit the 'cave' before she can use them for their more intended purpose. Today I think she reached her limit.

Out of the corner of my eye I caught her headed in to the living room. In her hand she clutched two bionicles, her other hand was on her hip and she was stomping with purpose. I could only imagine what was to come so I followed her. As she went around the corner so Matthew could see her she said "Mattchew, Tan It! Dis is MY troller and YOUR DUYS don't bewong here." Matthew was quiet for just a moment and then he started laughing out loud. I think he and I both figured it out at about the same time because I was laughing right along with him. It seems he'd just been told to 'can it', a phrase I use with them when they are starting to cross the line between what are indoor activities and those that belong outdoors.

Oh be careful parent mouths what you say... for you don't know just who is listening!

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