Friday, November 13, 2009

Final St. Louis "Drive By" This Fall?

As you can see from the smiles above, Laura is about to get her final set of casts off during what we hope is a final St. Louis drive by for 2009. Kristina popped them off quickly despite Laura's needless fussing (her face below is just recovering from all of that fussing...) and she had time to sit, stretch, and generally enjoy her freedom before we put on our new night shoes. We've moved from the Mitchell's, which we have had since birth, to the Dobbs molded brace to see if it works better for her special issues. So far, she's not fussed at night and I'm happy to say both Mommy and Daddy have figured out how to put them on well. Yeah for Daddy! And Yeah for Dr. Dobbs (our own personal 'genius') and Kristina (definitely the woman behind the Dr!) who have done so much for Laura's future.

God is just soooo good!!!


Jo-Ann said...

I didn't realize Laura was back in casts. She is such a trooper. And beautiful too. :)

When are you back in STL next? We are going to head there for Feb.

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