Saturday, August 08, 2009

A Patched Princess

When you have children, it is always easy to find something to talk about. Their frequent antics provide plenty of fodder. And with Laura we get frequent questions about how her feet are doing and regular comments about how far she has come. But we rarely talk about her vision. It just is. Lately, though, I've had the opportunity to share about it with several other families. We've been stopped in stores, the park and the playground as folks ask about her patch.

Yes, Laura has had some vision challenges. Don has dealt with them his whole life and his Mom has as well. I guess it is just one more way she's very much like her Daddy. Oh, don't get me wrong. We will continue to pray for her daily and we expect her vision to improve. Whether the Lord does it miraculously, or through the work of her pediatric ophthalmologist is still an unknown. So meanwhile, we do whatever we can to help her with that as well.

For the past year and a half or so she's had to wear a patch over her much better eye in order to strengthen her weak one. Currently, she wears it about 6 hours or so a day, often more. And we'll return to the specialist in November to see how she's doing. When we started patching we discovered there were a variety of options, and like the studious Mom that I am, I researched them. Using adhesive patches just wasn't going to work with her - she develops sensitivities to adhesives - so we opted for this model. Since the original, I've purchased several more from the creator and we love the variety. If you need to patch your princess, or prince for that matter, please check out for some great, creative options.

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Kandi said...

I have been reading through your blog and am almost in tears because I can see your heart through everything. We are expecting our third child in October and he has clubbed feet, so I've been searching the internet for someone like you. I loved your "Passionate about Feet" post and hope that someday I can do the same. Would you send me your email if you don't mind? I have questions. Mine is