Thursday, July 03, 2008

Graduation Is So Sweet. Drum Roll, Please!

The household rose early today. Not because we wanted to, mind you. It was because we had an 8 AM appt. with Laura's ENT and I felt I needed to leave early to deal with rush hour traffic and construction. And as the moments ticked down before we left my stomach got more and more butterflies. What would this visit bring? Would we have to schedule surgery to remove the stubborn tube that was put in long ago and didn't come out on its own within the accepted time frame? Couldn't she just let them pull it out at the office? Would she scream bloody murder again or would she be a bit more grown up about it all?

When we arrived, on time mind you, Laura's immediate need was to use the restroom. It was then I realized she shared my butterflies and knew that this wasn't Dr. Dobbs or her Ped. There would be no toys or tattoos. Just pain and frustration on her part. And neither of us were looking forward to it.

When we finally got to see the ENT, he peaked in to her ears, and then smiled a big smile (he does this very well) and said "I think her tube is out and laying in the ear canal" I didn't believe him so he had to repeat it for me. And then he plucked the sucker out just to prove he was right. And Laura only made a small whimper. She was so brave. And she was tube free! No need for surgery. No need for more tubes. She's done. The Lord did it again.

As he finished up the visit he looked at me and said "Well, you've graduated. You don't need to come back to see me unless another problem develops." I, very unprofessionally, high-fived him and we left with lots of giggles, laughter and two Nemo stickers. While we like our ENT very much and appreciate him for saving her life, it didn't bother me one bit that we just might have seen the last of him.

She graduated. It is just one more way that she's growing up. And I couldn't be more proud of her.

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valejandras said...

it takes a while for me to get on here sometimes, but i just wanted to say that i'm reading and i look forward to more.

i just recently started logging my memories of my kids... it's fun to see them grow-up.

i'm glad your lil' lady didn't need surgery.

be well.